Google DNS Configuration

Kutoku requires that all publishers and merchants use a custom domain. This is set up by creating a DNS record.

DNS records are the process by which a web visitor is directed to your website by entering into their browser rather than a hard-to-remember IP address like

There are many different types of DNS record of which Kutoku requires a CNAME.

Here's a guide that you can to use to configure your DNS when using Google Domains.

In your dashboard follow Step 1 — Set up your custom domain's DNS records and use the information in the table (item 3)  add a new CNAME record: 

Google has a guide on how to create your CNAME record — — You would enter the following information:

Name: [choose name from the table in your instructions e.g. hgkzadol]
TTL (if possible): 3600 (or 1 hour)

Remember to click Save once you're done!